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mr. Z. uit Frieslandmr. Z. uit Friesland

Received package yesterday and life is a bit more pleasant again. Are the "real" Boerenbruintjes from Oosterwolde. Many thanks for the extra kilo and till next time, even though they may be available elsewhere.

C.P. from CanadaC.P. from Canada

My parcel arrived and it is fabulous!  I love it.  It got here so fast too.

Thank you, thank you.

D. R. from Cincinnati(OH)D. R. from Cincinnati(OH)
Petra, I received the gift today. I was amused by the packaging (appeared handmade), and surprised by the included note. You have gone beyond my expectations. Now, my brutally honest opinion. This was not what I expected. I longed for the licorice of my childhood. Firm texture and strong flavor, as described. Although the texture was perfect, I found the salty taste overpowering, and the licorice barely present. It's not for me.
Please forgive my blunt opinion. Perhaps my pallate is not sophisticated enough to appreciate the product.
I will offer a sample to my licorice loving fans, and direct them to you, should they enjoy this style of candy.
Thank You for your efforts.
N.H. from Victoria (Australia)N.H. from Victoria (Australia)

Good morning, Today received the licorice 😊 so everything went well 👌and now it's time to enjoy. Wanted to let you know. Thank you

W. in the Canary IslandsW. in the Canary Islands

The postman has brought your shipment of licorice just now. Awesome. And thank you for your "Extra Surprise". Super. Went smoothly again with approx. 2 ½ weeks. Thanks again and until the next time. Dear regards from Fuerte

C. van O. in DrentheC. van O. in Drenthe

Dear Petra, How sweet! We love your drop. I would like to order them much more often but we can not stay away from them. Since this is also not good for the line, then very often ...


This coin licorice is our favorite, but it one that is harder to find. So we immediately bought our second order big. Fast delivery.

P. N. in Abu DhabiP. N. in Abu Dhabi

Munch, munch, Chew Chew Chew. The licorice ... arrived, ehmm no ... can you send it again ?
Yes, went well. Thank you !! Next order is coming soon

Mrs. ClaessensMrs. Claessens

What I find very annoying is that all the text is written in English. I understand why you do that, but why not put Dutch above / below.
The service has been excellent and the delivery nice and fast.
2 kg of licorice is not finished that fast, but I definitely will order from you again.

Dear Mrs Claessens,

Thank you so much for your review. All feedback help us to improve!
I am sorry that you landed on the English side of the web-shop. That is the reason you have also received the email with the review request in English. I couldn't send it in Dutch from my side, because I noticed that this was happening. Normally the web-shop should automatically appear in The Netherlands in the Dutch language. So it's very helpful that you indicate this. There is a manual language switch built into the website: two flags are displayed at the top of each page. If all works well, you can choose the Dutch language there, if this happens again!
Enjoy your licorice, and I'd love to see you again 🙂

With kind regards, Petra Bos